[New Poem] : Save Me

Save me, Save me

From them who want that

Vibrant me,

Happy me-

She is not me


Love me, love me,

All those raw bits

the sore bits,

Who I am today.

Heal me,

Hold me

While I hurt

For yesterday.

Forgive me, please

all these versions of whoever

is eaten.

My Insides devoured,

the whole of me,

A nobody,

possessed by her, the Manic fever.

Poem: Say it ain’t so

Dear Mind-

Often you mess with me

And leave me crying,



Dear Heart

I know of your tears

That roll down my cheek,




Oh Mind,

Say it ain’t so.

You taint my love with ugliness

And truth

And silliness

And hurt.


We were fine until-

Until you stood here.

Towering over,

Blossoming fire!


Go and take your truth,

To those who revel in your despair.

To those who want to reason in

Truth or dare.


I just want love etc.

Happiness etc.

Magic etc.

Now go, you are bothering us here.

Come around when we have time for fear.