Poetry Session

Below are my older poems.


Singer for a day by Yvette Adams

Boy I wish I could be
That girl who sings a song so merry
And make u see
How much u mean to me.

And in that song I’d sing
A tune that was as sweet as a fling
And have that something
Cementing the fact that you are my everything.

But alas, I can’t sing
Not even a note on time,
Or rhyme
Or anything.

Mere words that could convey
The joy you bring to my heart
Dear God-

Maybe it’s best that this song remains unsung
And that your love stays on the tip of my tongue.

Maybe it’s best.
I’ll let your love guide the orchestra-
After all, you do love me much better than the rest.

My Hartjie  by Yvette Adams       

As die hartjie eers oorstoom met liefde en die magic van kleine, sagte soentjies voel…

Sing die siel n mooie lied.

‘n lied van blydskap in geselskap met jou.

As die Here net vir my laat weet het-

dat jy op my pad bestaan het.

Sou ek harder gebid het om jou vroeer te ontmoet.


Om vir jou te se,

Jy’s perfek.

My auctioneer by Yvette Adams

Consumed by thoughts of you and dreams of you and ideas of you.

Don’t you dare lose me. Don’t you dare throw me away.

For I am more valuable than gold…
I make my price- because I know I am more valuable than the price any man is willing to pay.

Maybe that’s why I sit here- waiting for my only bidder.

Growing in value.

Waiting for the words, “Sold to Love”.

To my sweet responsibility by Yvette Adams

Dedicated to Cayden Lyle Adams

You took my youth from me-
And it shames me to say.

You took my fast nights and those super cool drinks away.

You took my care free days and oh so sexy ways and it’s-

But, You took my life as I knew It to be.
And brought me the essence of what it ought to be.
Oh, what a responsibility.

To live this life of guilt
Is not fair.
I question my God’s reasoning under this hair.

For you to not see me around
Is really not fair.

But my baby boy-

My love for you lives in the pages of that heavy book.
My love for you is evident in that it will leave my perseverance unshook.

You gave me this drive-
To do more than just survive.

Without you, my sweet responsibility-
I am not alive.

When I used to love, Love by Yvette Adams

When I used to love, Love-

You were the epitome

Of all good and prosperity.

You and Your smile-

Charmed my eager heart

But only for that short while.

You and Your deceiving eyes-

Brought this here journey

To its foul demise.

With bitter kisses-

It ended.

With fake smiles-

My yearning for you faded.

You, Love, left me with sweet lies.

You, Love, left me to love with open eyes.

my Africanisms by Yvette Adams

Who are you to judge and define my Africanness?

My skin ranges in colour- light as day and dark as the night.

The texture of my hair has its own agenda- from bone straight to a curl that is so tight.

My heritage, so rich and full of colour.

Yet, so much shame to call you Africa, ‘my mother’.

For you see, mother, my brothers and sisters of this land do not see me as sibling.

Rather, I am to them a stranger, a nobody who cannot offer a thing.

If only, they could see that my soul bleeds to compensate for lack of my blackness and being judged on my whiteness.

 Do not forget me in your struggle, because my brother- it is our struggle.

 My identity calls for a revolution- but respect my history, my pain, my struggle to be seen, by you brother-as a proud African.

The ease of smiling by Yvette Adams

The ease of smiling
has made my healing
Somewhat misleading.

I thought it could
Heal my heart as it should
And not taint my spirit as it would.

In fact.
My smile begged me to appear
Happier and dry that forsaken tear.

Smiling can be so damn deceiving
Never quite revealing
The raw state of my bleeding.

My Life as is by Yvette Adams

My cries fall on deaf ears,
As I struggle to rise, rise above
The rest.

Your faith in me,
Chokes me as I struggle to breathe
Like the rest.

Drowning, drowning in the depth of failure-
As I put this ambitious spirit
To test.

I no longer have that zest-
To fly amongst the best.

Alas, I ask you to love me,
Just not like the rest.

Friendship by Yvette Adams

If only you would give a damn,
Would I care enough to pretend
That you were indeed a friend.

If only you would smile a bit,
To cover up that hissy fit
We both know I lit.

If only you would remove that lace
And wipe that smug look off your face
So I could defend my case.

Maybe you live to be
My enemy
Or that fake celebrity
Without a blackberry.

Why bother with ‘if only’
When you, dear friend
Leave me bitter and lonely.

Newest tear drop by Yvette Adams

My tears wet the dry, dry ground u kicked me on.
The screams still ring, ring in my head as u keep, keep pushing
Your point.
Is where I’m at.

You torture me with the sick, sick lies you tell to my face.
The vomit curdles as you stare, stare into my eyes and
You laugh.
Is what you put me through.

You leave me tortured.

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