About me

Life is more than a series of bumps and unexpected turns; it’s a journey that etches every unique print on our finger tips! And here in my corner, I’d love to share my learning curves with you.

I’m a mother and have experienced both being a single parent as well as being in a loving marriage. I have 3 boys, all unique and have stories of their own. I’m wife to one amazingly, supportive husband.

In the years since I have started this blog, I’ve studied Information Systems at the University of Cape Town, co-founded and initiated societies at a student level, worked as an Open Education Resource consultant at the Centre for Education Technology at the same institution and then (most) recently worked as an IT Audit consultant for 2 of the big 4 audit firms in the world.

Since the I’ve stepped up to being a (voluntary) stay-at-home mother and will be writing whenever get I can a breather. Topics range from leadership to my children’s achievements or milestones, to even surprise reviews about a spa, complaints and victories in motherhood and my journey to the in womanhood. Note- I’m a poet at heart which implies I love my metaphors and my rhyming words. These find their way into any piece I write, not only in my poetry.

My overall objective for now, is to improve my writing to publish my memoir. Therefore you’ll see published random writing prompts and re-posted blogs I find in my WordPress reader.

I hope you have a great stay in my little corner!

Twitter: @yvette_hess

Email: yvetteyadams1@gmail.com

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