Finally, a blogpost!

Here I am after 5 months of not blogging. I stopped blogging after one of my closest friends and compadres committed suicide. It was a major shock to the system for me. And I suppose I could go on and on about it- how I went through two breakdowns partly because of the event. But. I won’t. 

Instead I’ll just briefly fill you in on what happened in this short while. Firstly, I was hospitalized twice. I know. It was majorly stressful and I wasn’t coping. I was arranging an art fair with two other ladies and then when it came closer to the launch date, I fell ill. I spent 9 days in the hospital. It was long but not long enough to make a big impact. It did, however, save my life. I was on Ketamine and had 6 sessions. December came and I appeared to be doing well. Then, boom, another episode. This time I was admitted for 21 days and had to have ECT. I had 5 sessions in total and although I regained my sanity, I lost many memories. I’m sure others can relate. 

To cut a long story short, I recovered and I’m still doing well. 

People know that I’m a public person; I love to share. So when I was offered a business partner position on the condition that I drop the bipolar label, I was taken aback. I wear my label proudly and it doesn’t bring me shame in any way. I believe that we need to talk about Bipolar disorder and work to eradicate the stigma. But the person who offered the partnership isn’t of the same opinion. They believe that the contract condition was added to protect the image of the business. I took the weekend to decide what my next steps were. Do I take the offer and close down my accounts and keep things clean or do I reject it and continue in my plight? 

This badass decided to reject the offer. Whoop whoop! I feel proud that I stood my ground. I feel like I honoured my feelings in that I stuck to my guns, to what I believe in. 

Did I lose out? 
Not in my books. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself knowing I couldn’t tweet, Facebook or blog about my life (in the open). 

This is a victory for me and I hope a victory for us all who fight the good fight. 

Stand you ground,


15 thoughts on “Finally, a blogpost!

  1. Marie Abanga says:

    Welcome back Yve and thanks for updating us. I kept wondering what was up with you and sometimes I neared asked Ulla aloud.
    Thanks for standing your grounds too, better ops will come without such stigmatized conditions.

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    • Yve's Corner says:

      Thanks for the warm welcome Marie. ❀ I miss Ulla terribly. I send messages to her sometimes (on my instant message apps). There’s nothing that can fill the void, but I find comfort in her finding peace.

      I agree. Or I’ll just create my own opportunities;)

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  2. Eddie Guild says:

    Sorry to hear its been a tough few months, and well done on your decision to reject that offer. You are who you are and you have always been outspoken all strength to you and your pen, glad your back you were missed πŸ™‚

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    • Yve's Corner says:

      Thanks Eddie. It means a lot to have your support.

      I felt uncomfortable by the idea of not being outspoken: it’s all that I know and all that I am. Miss you all too! 😊


  3. bp7o9 says:

    So happy to see a post from you! Love you so much. ❀ Most of all, I'm glad to know how proud and pleased you feel right now! It sounds like the best thing you could ever have done for yourself; how better to tell yourself you love you?

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    • Yve's Corner says:

      If it isn’t the most gorgeous and loving of all the WordPress users in the world!!! πŸ™‚

      Love you very much too!

      You make such a good point. My decision to reject the offer was an act of self love. I should acknowledge that and embrace it for what it is. ❀ I think my therapist was right. My feelings should be my compass and guide me on the right path. The path that’s best for me.

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      • bp7o9 says:

        Absolutely! If you’d taken that job you’d basically be telling yourself that you need to hide your real self from the world in order to succeed, and that’s just not right. And thank you for the compliment! πŸ™‚


  4. metalflowermaker says:

    Glad to have you back. We all take the time we need away from writing. Sometimes, I wonder why we need to connect with people over the internet. It fills a void, for me anyway.

    At least you have a hospital program that you can rely upon when you need it. I’m glad you took the time to get the help. Most of us go, go, go until we burn out, pass out and drop. We women, mothers, daughters, friends, depression, ptsd, anxiety, bi-polar mental health patients. (Ok, I don’t mean to exclude anyone, so mentally add anyone I have omitted.)

    I’m glad you decided to pass on the offer. How judgemental of that person to ask you to curtail your expression of yourself. We are the best that we can be when we don’t pretend. I hope this makes sense? Good for you! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and give yourself a hug from the snowy Northeast United States.


  5. Kirsten says:

    I haven’t been on WordPress in a while and so only saw this blog post today. I loved it! Thank you for sharing your experiences here with us. I hate that you lost memories because I know the feeling. Different things touch different people, knowing that you also struggle with memory loss in treating your condition helps me feel better about my struggle with it as well. I honestly thought it was just me but at least now I know I’m not alone.

    As for the rest of this blog, I wish I was as strong as you are. You’re an amazing person. Thank you for doing all you do to fight the stigma against mental illness.


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