Sleek Geek Ultimate You Challenge and mental illness

Over the weekend I came to the realization that I’m still overweight. I’ve lost some weight thanks to my new meds and my walking regime but I’m not getting to my goal. Yes I’m impatient. So I decided to do something daring. I decided to roll out my rolls and expose myself: half naked and bipolarish. 

I posted the below pic and accompanying text to Facebook. What was I thinking? Maybe I wasn’t thinking. Maybe I was feeling…

Feeling fed up…

Fed up of walking around with weight I never planned on gaining because of an illness I never asked for. 

I was fed up with the excuses I kept making for myself. 

I was fed up with being bipolar.

And fat.

I was mostly fed up with being fat. 


So this is me. I have bipolar disorder and issues with my anxiety. Due to my past medications and consecutive pregnancies I’ve picked up a lot of weight. I’m ready to take on the real me. Not this excuse of what I can be. I’m accepting any advice even sponsors for the next ultimate you challenge. I I have been clinically well for almost a month with my new medication and have lost a few kilograms but it isn’t enough. 
I’d like to thank Olivia Swail Adriaanse for supporting me and motivating me every day. 
This is me coming out. 
I need to make a difference to my life. I want my life back.”
There. I did it. I made myself feel totally vulnerable and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. 

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, I’m not as hot as I used to be- but that was before the medication. Now, I’m a lot healthier, mentally of course. So much so that I’m ready to take my physical health to the next level. After I posted this pic I got amazing responses from dozens of people who also suffer from mental illness. They went public about their illnesses too. This was a big deal because stigma in our country is a very big problem. It was absolutely amazing to be part of that kind of positive activity. It was like a mini anti stigma campaign. 
Anyway there were a few people who really liked what I had to say and sponsored me to enter the Ultimate You challenge.  In a nutshell, it’s an eight week weight loss / body transformation competition run by Sleek Geek in South Africa. 

My goal is win the competition. 

That’s it.  

I’m in it to win it. To win my life back..

17 thoughts on “Sleek Geek Ultimate You Challenge and mental illness

  1. dyane says:

    You’re gonna win!!!!
    Woo hooooooooooo!!!
    I am SO SO SO SO proud of you for posting the pics, for putting yourself out there, and for being 100% Yvette!

    You ARE in the process of winning this very moment – you are on your way!

    Look at the signs you’re getting, the support you’re getting.

    Keep it going, love, and keep us posted!

    I have some weight to lose and I’m looking to you for inspiration. (No pressure!!!!!)


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