#FeatureFriday: Ashleigh Davids on #mentalhealth

Our Lived Experience

Our next submission comes from another dear friend of ours, miss Ashleigh Davids.

I was a depressed teen and adolescent. As a result, I had a few mediocre years according to my own standard. Most people  thought I was doing fine, great even. Besides the harrowing pain and anguish, I managed to pursue fragments of myself which were enough to get me ahead in some respects, but not enough to make me whole and well.

I’m sorry if this blog post makes surviving and thriving with mental illness seem easy or simple. It is complex, intricate and difficult to do. It means different things to all of us. But lately, as I caught a glimpse of tell-tale signs hinting at another bout of depression over the horizon, I realized that I am proud of myself and thankful for the forces which have collided so far  to bring a peace the…

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