Loving the family time

I’ve been much more stable and present in my children’s lives after my last medicine change. I can’t only thank the meds for it, I also have a great therapist who has been working relentlessly to bring me back to my world. I haven’t had a long term therapist for years, so this adds to my recovery. 

Yesterday, we took a short trip to Paternoster close to where we live on the West Coast in South Africa. I decided to take some pictures – even add some pictures of myself which I never do. 🙂

say “cheese” mom!


while dad’s at work, we play around with mom’s camera!


I’m the easiet to throw up in the air


my three boys


i am one!


not -so-baby Gabriel- stillness of heart


paternoster beach

My camera didn’t quite capture the simple seaside beauty of the town. But then again, a camera can almost never do that anyway. 

I look forward to being part of my children’s lives every day now and that’s one of the best gifts a mother (with or without mental illness) can ever receive. 

Mommy, wife, woman. 

World, Yvette is back. 


5 thoughts on “Loving the family time

  1. dyane says:

    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!
    What an awesome post (of course I just retweeted it!) and your one-year-old Gabriel – OMG –
    no one gets cuter than that!
    Also thrilled that you have a great, longterm therapist!
    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family.
    The love shines through you all…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yve's Corner says:

      Thhaaaaannnnkk you for the warm welcome. Thank you also for the retweet.

      I know everyone says their kids are the cutest but Gabriel takes the cake, all of it. Lol.

      🙂 and that’s what there is, love 🙂 no tantrums today!



      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sandra says:

    Awwwww…you know when you post adorable pics of beautiful children we are going to be big piles of mush! Just seeing the pictures was calming and rejuvenating for me, someone on the other side of the word where there is no ocean to be found. I can only imagine how free and light you must feel right now. I pray you continue to feel this forever.

    Liked by 1 person

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