Ward 13

Haunting images of Ward 13, a psych ward in a state hospital in South Africa.

Blahpolar highlights the lack of resources but also shows the lengths some dedicated staff are willing to go to.

She calls them heroes, and rightly so!

Our Lived Experience


[…] there are only 1,12 psychiatrists, 1,28 psychologists and 1,6 social workers per 400,000 people in South Africa. And, of the 23 mental hospitals in the country, only 18 (mental health) beds are allocated per 100,000 people. To say that this is a national crisis would be an understatement. (source)

Ward 13 is the psych ward of a state hospital an hour’s drive away. I’m an outpatient there, I get roughly half of my meds there, blood tests too, and a CT scan (amazingly enough, they managed to locate a brain). I’ll be taking my treatment resistant bipolar self there for ECT as an inpatient when there’s availability for me to do so. I’ve had nothing but excellent care there and the staff have all been incredibly efficient and friendly. Considering the psychiatric department runs at between a quarter and a half of the staff quota, they’re heroes to me…

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4 thoughts on “Ward 13

  1. shevioletmoon says:

    Been there, done that, hun. Back in 2007. Psyc ward. I wanted to stay. Live there actually. Felt safer. from myself, from my husband. But he’d visit and guilt me into convincing them that I was well enough to go home. I wasn’t.

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