[New Poem]: Whisper smiles

Days of darkness 

Haunt your days


You crack whisper smiles

To ease the 

Bursting pain.
The lie you live-

is cinematic

Almost Nostalgic

Your audience –

Feeding off it

Feeding off you

Leaving you empty

Keeping you thirsty 

And paining to please the world 

Through your faint whisper smiles.

One thought on “[New Poem]: Whisper smiles

  1. dyane says:

    So impressed with your brilliant poetry skills….
    “Whisper Smiles” is so haunting and such a real-yet-unique image
    Not many can write like this. Although I know this piece comes from pain, remember you are blessed with talent. Brighter days WILL come, my friend. You’re making it happen. If anyone can get through the harrowing feelings you’ve described in other posts, it’s you. I believe in you and your strength. Xoxo


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