That feeling when your toddler pees straight into the potty!

Can I get a yay? or even a middle class whoop whoop?


Cheese and Ham!!!

Cheese and Ham!!!

I woke up at 9 am today, I lie, read that as 11:30 am. My husband had a work function last night and so I had to delay taking my tablets. That just means me having half a day to do things.

Anyway, something told me that I needed to step in with my middle child’s potty training programme. (You know that stomach churning feeling you get when your instinct screams at you from the core. Just go with it.).

We’ve been doing this potty training thing on and off for a few months now and he’s always failed miserably. But today, I knew we had to try again, but this time, do it the right way. (Ag, then again whatever works for us). After asking about tips and tricks on a Mamahood Facebook group, a member told me about a 3 day potty training idea. I thought it was madness, but googled it anyway. It’s on Baby Centre’s site and although it seems a little extreme at first, it worked for us.

It’s all about quick training, which apparently isn’t a new concept. Since publishing of the book Toilet Training in Less Than a Day by Psychologists Nathan H. Azrin and Richard M. Foxx in 1974, many have come up with their own versions of this quick training solution.

I used the one technique – the “potty training in three days” strategy outlined in Julie Fellom’s Diaper Free Toddlers program – (which is outlined on the site). It’s easy to follow- all you need is to have a naked baby running around for three days and get them pee in a potty as much as possible. And then of course celebrate when we get the pee in the potty.

Today was different. While I was cooking breakfast, the nanny saw Alexander make his way to the potty (which was stationed in the TV room for convenience of course), he sat down by himself and did his thing. (He pee’d his pee).

“Mummy, look, Alexander pee’d in the potty.” and just like that I melted.

You don’t have to invite me twice to do a victory dance. There we were, nanny, Alexander and myself boogy’ing while baby Gabriel stood staring. Boogy’ing turned into heavy metal jumping, but with more smiles and less grunge.

I’m feeling very proud. I now know that he’s ready. He’s growing up and we’ll be spending less on nappies.

Amen to that!


Jumping for joy

Jumping for joy


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