Heading for recovery land

I felt waves of “better” and “improvement ” blow over me yesterday. I thought that I may be  suffering from rapid cycling because it seems at least once a month I suffer a bit of a high and a very low low. But due to me being unmedicated for a time period, hubby said my results and thus deduction may be skewed. So, we will have to make sure I keep to meds for the next while to verify my previous hypothesis. 

But yes, I think I am recovering or experiencing some kind of increasing high. I just bought the women’s health magazine with Khloe Kardashian on the cover where she looks super hot. Okay more than that, she looks happy and proud of her weight loss achievement. I want that too. During my down I kept in breaking my diet because I craved sugar. It gave me mini highs ( which was the real craving). 

Trying to lose weight and feeling down doesn’t work, so I postponed my diet or eating plan till I’m more stable. This was a move I needed to make because if I cheat I just pack on the guilt due to  stabbing myself in the back. It becomes an ugly cycle. Too ugly to describe. So I won’t. 

I felt motivated enough to pull I my stomach in AND write a really sensitive piece of my memoir. It’s taking a lot out of me but surprisingly I’m pushing through. I’m also considering putting some of my pieces up for people to read and comment on. Maybe it’s a good idea?

Any hoot. I don’t know if there’s really such a thing as recovery, but I’m getting to being “ok”.

That’s okay with me.


7 thoughts on “Heading for recovery land

  1. dyane says:

    So glad to hear that you’re feeling better – I think it’s wise to take pressure off about the whole diet thing until you’re feeling up to it.

    I’m writing this while being distracted by two hyper tater tots & my wet (freshly bathed – my biggest accomplishment of the day) dog, so please forgive this being rushed!

    I’m proud of you for writing that sensitive piece and for getting through it…that’s so hard to do. Draining. But fulfilling. Not many people understand how tough it is do do such a thing. You did it!

    As far as sharing your memoir pieces here, follow your gut. I was told at my writers conference that it’s good to share one’s memoir via the blog before it’s published. At this point, I don’t feel drawn to doing it.

    You could try it, see how it goes…and if it doesn’t feel right, you can always take the post down!

    I agree about the whole “recovery” issue – I’m not sure if it exists, per se, but I believe in healing….a little bit at a time, with setbacks as life throws curveballs, but forward progression nevertheless. I think you’re definitely healing, my friend! Xo

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    • Yve's Corner says:

      Ahhhhh. I have some spare, quiet time. Oops there goes the uninterrupted bit. Cayden just walked and immediately there were complaints of who broke whose car. Sigh. I bought three hoping I would prevent this in the first place.

      Thank you very much for this comment Dyane. You always put your all in your commentary and I’m sure we all here in blogville appreciate it. So any time you take to reply, in grateful because it’s always meaningful.

      How you manage to bath your Lucy I don’t know. I want to get a dog but I don’t even bath my own kids- the baby baths the babies. She doesn’t want me to do it (for my back ). So congrats to you. I hope Lucy sits still at least?

      My writing and not being on meds for a while have triggered some sort of rapid cycling. Hubby picked it up in my voice- my speech- and he asked me while I cooked all the food in our house and a loaf of bread and muffins. Then suddenly when he got home from work I was down and out. So I need to be very careful when writing for the memoir. I hope you have some form of recovery if it affects you the same way? Thanks for the vote in confidence.
      Regarding sharing my pieces – I think I’ll consider it when I have a lot to share so I’ll only have excerpts to put in my site. Darryl said there would be no point in buying the book otherwise. He has a point.

      I can totally why you are not drawn to it. Is there any profit to sharing it on the blog before it being published?

      Thanks for all your support.

      I appreciate it. As a i always say my friend.


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