School is IN and blogging is OUT

Phew! What a hectic past few weeks I’ve had. But I’m not going to complain much. I’m kidding. I haven’t been blogging due to my mom commitments as well as the writing schedule I made for myself.

Cayden started his new school term three weeks ago. I’ve also been getting my ass in gear for the usual pick up and drop offs with regards to extra murals. I’m a proud soccer mom. Cayden also played rugby but we found out today that he didn’t make the team. My sensitive son cried a million tears. Why he cried so much I dont know. He’s never played it before and never even watched a game on TV. But I comforted him as is my job. 

I’m also part of a lift club and this week was my turn to haul three boys to school and back and to their activities. At first I was hesitant to make such a commitment because I was so afraid of letting the parents down. I was scared that I’d get depressed again and embarrass myself by not being able to take the kids to school. Good news people: I made it. I was a success this week and managed to be on time, every day! I only go on duty in three weeks again which is fabulous news.

In other good news: I went for a jog on the beach today! Yep, got some vitamin D too. I must admit it was very cold so my lungs were a slight problem. Breathing ice and managing caving knees are way better than the energy sapping bipolar disorder though. So it shall be my daily routine: drop the kids and shed some load straight afterward.

Tonight I celebrate my victory with the last cup of hot chocolate in a very, very long time. 


7 thoughts on “School is IN and blogging is OUT

  1. lydiaa1614 says:

    I am really proud of you for taking the time for you and your family. And cheers for both committing to, and making it through your commitment to driving other kids. I know how hard these kinds of things can be when you are dealing with depression. I am glad you checked in.

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    • Yve's Corner says:

      Thanks Lydia. After the mini slump I think I owe to the family for some real love and attention. I’m really proud of myself for making it. It gives me courage to face other challenges like, talking to the other moms at the sports activities. 🙂 thanks for the support !

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  2. dyane says:

    You’ve been doing a fantastic job! I’m especially impressed with the carpool arrangement – that would be extremely hard for me, as “simple” as it may sound to some. (Not!) That’s also great news about doing the beach jog and running on sand is so much more challenging than a treadmill or pavement, so good for you.

    I’ve had two major surgeries on my right knee, and when we were on vacation in Lake Tahoe, I found a product that helped my knee pain much more than I expected it would. I use arnica gel on my knees and the store had a “two for one” deal by Boron: arnica gel and arnica pills. All for $15. I was extremely sore all over my body and the pills made a huge difference. I’m going to buy them again – they’re cheap and safe – what a deal!

    Apart from the wonders of arnica, I admire you for sticking to the writing schedule and for dedicating yourself to a new routine – you sound awesome in this post and I’m happy for you!

    much love,

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    • Yve's Corner says:

      Lady Dy 🙂

      My butt totally felt that jog today. I did some stretching when I got back from dropping Cayden. Gah! I feel thinner already! Hahaha

      I must say the car pool challenge is that, a challenge but I knew I could get two weeks of sleep so I thought I’d try it out.

      Nice buy by the way on the arnica front. You could probably get it cheaper in SA though 😉 so come through. I’ll try the gel. I don’t like any more pills. My knees are weak from and old injury and this fat so I do need stuff for pain. Plus it’s cold and I’m older hahaha.

      I’m doing well – got good ideas but not too manic. I’ve been bothering Blahpolar with all my sparks of ingenuity – hope she doesn’t mind much.

      Glad you’re back from bear country alive and well 🙂



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