Celebrating the little things

It’s easy to get stuck into thinking you won’t be able to achieve your goals. Many know me to be a positive person and generally I am. When it comes to my own issues, I often put myself down, like so many of us do. You know how to motivate others but struggle to do the same for yourself.

I just came out of a mini depression. I call it ‘mini’ because I didn’t attempt anything and I survived without my psychiatrist. Positivity is key in this sensitive time for me. I took time out from writing as advised by my blogger friend Kitt O’Malley and just focused on sleeping. I haven’t been doing that so I decided now is a good time. (Two of my children are away on holiday).

I slept and slept. My nanny took care of the baby and i just loaded washing between naps. I literally slept it all off.

Today, for the first time I read a few chapters of a book. I’m going to do a little dance now. *twirls* I could actually read. Being able to focus to read the words off a page is something a lot of adults take for granted. My mind also didn’t dart from one topic to another whilst reading. Usually I start reading and complete to-do lists between sentences. (This made studying at varsity extremely difficult).  I decided that being able to read, even if it was just for today, should be celebrated. So thank you to my blogger supporters and thank you to me, myself and I for giving myself that time off to heal.

My current read is YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD by EMMA FORREST. It’s a memoir about a feisty woman with bipolar disorder who meets lots of famous people and swears a lot. She also has many troubled relationships. 

This is one of the five books I bought while manic. It’s actually the second time I’m reading it but now that I’m ‘present’, I should enjoy it.

Keep dancing,


5 thoughts on “Celebrating the little things

  1. dyane says:

    That is SO FANTASTIC you were able to read a chunk of your book without the “monkey mind/list making” syndrome. I do the same thing, i.e. making to-do lists in between sentences!

    I read “Your Voice In My Head” a while ago. I’m terrible when it comes to remembering books. The ECT has nothing to do with that, either – I’ve always had a bad memory. In a way it’s cool because when I re-read a book it’s almost 100% new to me. I think that a movie is being made of that book, or it might have already been made, ha ha.

    Anyway, I’m happy you caught up on sleep and that two of your cuties are away on holiday so you were better able to do that. Most important of all, I’m thrilled you pulled out of the mini-depression!!!!!!


    p.s. what are the other 4 books you bought?


    • Yve's Corner says:

      I know right!!!! WORDS didn’t just jump all over the page. I could follow what she was saying which was great. I loved her writer’s voice. So bold and nevermind-you kind of thing. It does jump from scene to scan a bit (for me) but maybe that’s just how I read it. Hahaha

      I haven’t tried ECT yet. I’m naturally terrible at remembering books too. 😉

      Thanks for your support my dear. 🙂 I see the sub is shining in my honour today. (It’s winter) .

      Caribou island by David vann
      In my mother’s shoes by Alison Walsh
      How to not murder your husband by Stephanie Calman
      Barack Obama- the audacity of hope.

      What a list hey!!!!

      So glad Darryl stopped me from getting more. I haven’t finished any of the books yet.


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  2. penelope kirk says:

    “Being able to focus to read the words off a page is something a lot of adults take for granted. ” So true. My latest deepest depression left me unable to read for over a month, and I never thought such a thing would happen. Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Kitt O'Malley says:

    Yay! I’m so glad your mind got the rest it needed. I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to not be able to read, to not be able to hold letters and words together coherently.


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