Bipolar Awareness Day 2015

It happened on the 26th day and just flew by with many people not even noticing. I planned for the Our Lived Experience to launch on that day, but it was impossible given the amount of things I had to during the day. I shifted the launch to the 25th and luckily I had Blahpolar  Diaries in my back pocket. She’s a killer writer and just gave us a wow intro- something we needed, regardless of the launch date. Check out her intro post here.  Also check her rant thereafter on her own blog.

Education about this illness is vital and yet we sit with outdated stuff on the Web and dusty minds on the topic of mental illness in general. Blahpolar does some dusting and with her excellent research skills, she gives us relevant info to chew on.

Another person worth looking up is Philippe Doubell at Bipolar Disorder- a path taken. He’s on Facebook.  The guy has over 4000 likes. He also recently did a video on sleep cycles which I posted on the OLE site.

Everyday should be bipolar awareness day. It’s an illness people have, not an adjective to describe a moody person. Oh but that is a dream.

Lastly, OLE was in the media. We were featured in the #tellyourstory section of Conscious magazine in the US. It’s worth a read too.

Well done to those hardworking people at SADAG who held numerous workshops across the country. Next time I will be invited to one.

Till next year.

Happy sad medicated scarred scared intense manic Bipolar Awareness day.

– Yvette

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