Short blurb about the pro’s of coming out as someone with Bipolar disorder

One of the things that bothered me the most about “coming out” was that I was worried that I’d be labelled as incapable and useless.  I’d be ruined and my achievements (which were achieved in my manic states) were no longer valid.

Yet, when my illness was managed well, I far exceeded even my own expectations in terms of what I could achieve. People could then expect more from me. The best of me. Instead of expecting the worst of me, expecting the worst of what my illness is capable of- instead of attributing my success  or failures to my illness.

I am clinically well at the moment and still I yearn to help people. Son I know this is part of who I am and not due to a manic illusion created by my illness. I have created fruitful relationships and wonderful friendships. And all of this while keeping my moods bearable.

I think a lot of stay quiet about our diagnosis for the right reasons,  like privacy.  But when it’s to your detriment it’s not good at all.  You don’t need me to tell you that.

Speak up. Even if it is a sad whisper.

There are people out there tasked to help you.

Be all you can be with you illness managed.  It take long (forever), but it’s possible.


5 thoughts on “Short blurb about the pro’s of coming out as someone with Bipolar disorder

  1. dyane says:

    Excellent post. Sometimes a short post has the most impact and this one certainly does.
    The line, “Speak up. Even if it is a sad whisper.” is brilliant!

    I’m so glad you speak up (and that it’s not a sad whisper, although that would be okay too) and I’m equally glad to call you a true friend!



  2. A Place to be Real says:

    I’m focusing on spreading awareness. I share what my hurtles are and how I address them. I’ve overcome issues I never thought I would or could.

    I feel invincible. I am confident that I will accomplish fulfillment, healing and total freedom in various aspects of my inner being…my karma is good because I have the utmost intentions.

    I’ve been through some really rough times but I always incorporate my spirit/mind/body…in the form of the Trinity. This magical balance feeds me confidence. Is can not be shaken. My foundations are in close in proximity to Everlasting life.


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    • Yve's Corner says:

      You sound like an old apostolic 🙂 in a good way. I am from that that church so a few things resonated with me, I really want to write a post on faith too. It’s so important when challenged too keep your strong. I struggle with that a lot.

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