Happy Birthday Gabriel!!! Republishing of Gabriel’s story


It’s Gabriel’s birthday today! He is a 1 year old angel from the heavens above.  Thank you God for blessing us with a healthy child that brings us smiles everyday.  You brought him into this world, very much on the traumatic side,  but we see him as a gift. He’s so friendly,  loving and I have a special bond with him.

I watched Grey’s anatomy last week Monday and they delivered a baby from a dead woman. It was traumatic to watch.  They revived the baby and put him in the same incubators I saw Gabriel in. All the memories came flooding in.  All the painful times I’d worry whether or not he’d make it sat right in my stomach and wouldn’t budge. 

I started weeping ghosts of the tears I cried then. I changed the channel because I knew I hasn’t dealt with that trauma yet.

Even right at the beginning,  we were told to not tell anyone you were inside my womb because there was no heart beat. It was a scary ride from the get go.  But you made it.  We made it.

Gabriel,  my angel. We thank God for another year.

Darryl, my husband thank you for being my rock during this year. No one will ever know what we had to endure as a couple but we appreciate all the prayers.  Darryl, my soul mate, we have a baby angel, and we should be grateful to God for this surprise blessing. I’m sure God has a plan for him, like he had a plan for us.

Thank you to my in laws especially my mother in law who has loved my children as if they were her own. Thank you to my parents to who do miss out on the milestones but you’re always part of our love for our family.  Thank you mummy for coming down to see what our lives look like, to help and to see how wonderful mommy Lucy loves the children.  We feel that you’re really part of our lives now.

I say that all because Gabriel can’t, yet!

Thank you God once again.

I say this all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost


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