[Spoken Word]: To Be Weak by Yvette Hess


To be Weak by Yvette Hess

My memory flickers but
That is what I felt that that clinic.
The one for our
Depressives and the disorderly-

But not really loved were we,  not by all the staff.
It just held me,
us- for a little while,
From the buzz in our heads, buzz from Main road
Buzz from the world.

And now I miss  some of the soft-spoken nurses and the horrible food that needed more affection.

But why? I’m home. At the clinic I longed to be home, and be that a home for my children.

Now I see I fight the battles the clinic gave me tools
And strength to use.
To fight the daily wars we enter into;
Small, and deep ones we hardly know are there.

But I don’t want to fight.

In this very moment,  I am timid and needing that frail old nurse and her kind words
And my hospital bed in the corner:
A moment and a place
To be weak.

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