Public service announcement

Hi concerned and not so concerned….

I’d like to apologise to those offended especially my closest relatives obviously related to my previous post. I didn’t mean to scare you into action.

This post served as my way of communicating the state in which I’m in: namely not a good one. But it wouldn’t be able to depict the true me.

My husband has seen me in a state worse than this. And he’s dealt with it as the illness at hand, not me. For that I appreciate him. He’s saved my life, all the times.

And I’d like you to do the same. Not save my life, but seperate the monzter from the loved one. Possibly then, maybe you’d have some insight into out daily married life. Not that it’s always this bad, but that it is possible to for me to be so separate to a monster that lives within me AND that it is possible to manage the illness to a  point where you guys recognise me, Yvette as the normal Yvette ( I use that term loosely). The Yvette with dry but good jokes

There were many who successfully attempted to take their lives and my heart goes out to the family. However, I spare a few seconds more to the individual going through that turmoil and thought process. It’s one that doesn’t involve the guilt of who is left behind (that makes it worse).

More often it’s about what we leave behind. Are we failures? That’s the biggest question. Is our presence worth anything in the family?

Deciding to play the so-called coward’s game, leaves only fools in the end.

Wishing you showed more love.
Wishing you paid more attention.
Wishing you listened more when there were whispers of hope.

This goes out to all those in the struggle in mental illness.


P’S I’m feeling better

So I’m not going anywhere, not anywhere soon. But I do speak up for those with a medical  condition which causes turmoil to ourselves and to our families. And obviously friends.

5 thoughts on “Public service announcement

  1. dyane says:

    Of course no apologies are needed when it comes to me – I adore you, and think of you daily. Forgive me for not touching base with you more. Please know that I’m rooting for you with every ounce of my spirit.

    heaps & heaps of love to you, dear Yve.

    And remember….you WILL beat this.
    I’m beyond proud of you for the woman you are.


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