Pirate Whoo Haaa!

There were pirates everywhere!

What a wonderful and truly blessed day! Today we celebrated Cayden’s birthday party and the help from his aunties and uncles and his grandma and grandpa, we pulled off a spectacular event!

We started off with some speeches, a prayer (by Darryl’s mom) and of course the birthday song. Thereafter the pirates were split into pirate teams and named their crews:

The Golden Swords,

Hunters and

The Crocodiles.

The treasure hunt began with some pirate trivia- the kids got all excited and were eager to answer the questions. The scores were tallied and we were on to the next challenge: each team had to build a pirate ship! They were judged on their efforts and creativity (the empty boxes from the move really helped with this one) I provided them with paint, glue, scissors, box tape and pieces of material as their tools. Turned out really great!

Thereafter they had to bob for apples. They were blindfolded and had to get  the red apples floating between the green apples. Their team mates were instructed to help the blind folded ones.

The fun didn’t end there. It was time to find the key!

They all took turns to dig into a deep bowl of gloopy jelly to find a key (I took several days to make this goop- took around 20 boxes of jelly). Screams and squeaky voices exclaimed “Eww!” Two children found the key and off we went to open the garage where the treasure was hidden (The sign that read “BEWARE” flew off so I promptly stuck it back on). They decided to not nominate team members, but rather ALL fight the monster that guarded the treasure chest.

They unlocked and opened the garage door. Out charged half-dressed Darryl, with a six pack and chiseled chest drawn on his body- with eyeliner. His curvy twirly mousache was quite the touch. He charged towards the children! The children screamed and tackled him. Swords and punches flew. Darryl had no choice but to surrender. He fell to the ground and one of the children had their sword to his neck, “spit it out!”

“2-6-2” Darryl said, dragging each number out. Some of them dashed to the treasure chest and used the combination to unlock the chest. The other remainding children holding Darryl ransom. After much deliberation, they got the chest open and they all shouted: “Gold!” Dozens of golden chocolate coins, easter eggs and giant bunnies and other treats were grabbed left, right and centre. A violent chocolate feast it was!

After that victory, the children decided it was time for a swim. Oh, how awesome it was to see 20  children in the pool!

Ice cream, cake and party packets were given to each child.

I’m really glad we got to meet the parents of the Bergvliet primary community. And I’m really glad the children all had a great time.

Oh yes!

For the costumes and black board decor, my sister in law made those (hers, her boyfriend’s as well as Cayden and Alexander’s)- Monique Hess. She has her own label, Danni. She is very talented and oh-so-creative. She currently sells at markets around Cape Town. 079 872 2109;  moniquehess11@gmail.com

For the cake, we used Carmen Parsotam- Carmen@carmenscreations.co.za 0837811231. She really did an amazing job!!!

Happy Birthday Cayden, we love you so much!

3 thoughts on “Pirate Whoo Haaa!

  1. dyane says:

    What an amazing-sounding party – I’m sure the kids had a wonderful time, as well as the grown ups. I wish I could have been there, especially for Carmen’s cake!!!!

    Great photos too, aggghhhhhhhhrrrrrrr!!!
    Happy belated birthday to Cayden!
    Love that his name has a “y” in it! :)))))

    “Matey” Dy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yve's Corner says:

      Carmen’s cake was delicious!!! I offered to blog about her cakes, but I think she knows I’m just into eating them. 😉

      The children are still talking about the party at school! Hhahaha, the teacher is getting quite fed up apparently.

      🙂 Thanks for his birthday wish. Next party is in May…. Teletubby party!!!!!

      YO, HO, HO!

      Liked by 1 person

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