Insensitivity to the mentally ill

Images like this (see below) work on my nerves- to put it mildly.

Prompt for suicide

Prompt for suicide

I don’t think people realize the number of individuals out there, who suffer from mental illness, let alone the number of people who are on the edge, ready to jump. Messages like this are ignorant and show that the sender, or whoever encourages this kind of mentality does not think of the consequences of their actions. Even sending it to a friend is stupid. Have you been in your friend’s lately? There might be a suicide plan lurking around.

Sometimes, I wish that mental illness had a face. And it was the face of whoever was closest to someone who randomly shouts, “Go kill yourself man. Do it, I dare you.” If you saw that mental illness as someone you cared for dearly, maybe you would be more sensitive to someone who is suffering with their illness. We show sympathy to someone in a wheelchair (more often than not) and want to donate money to shelters and save rhino’s, but yet we stay clear of mental illness. Both physically and emotionally people keep their distance from mental illness. All that does is perpetuate the stigma.

Maybe I’m sensitive about this issue, and so what? Maybe we all should be more sensitive. There are people out there who are tormented by various mental illnesses, losing their families, their jobs- and they’re dying on the inside. Others are on the edge, ready to jump.

I think they could do with some sensitivity. Not pity, but rather understanding.

Just a little rant from my side.

Love more and take care!


P.S What a stupid picture!!!

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