Where has she been? She comes out of the the closet and then?

Hi there all! I’ve been quite busy updating my blog- I hope you like the changes.

I’ve also submitted my 3500 word story to the award-winning blog, Stigmama.com about trials I endured with this last pregnancy, and finally deciding to end my career for an indefinite period. It wlill be published soon, and I’ll share it with you. As usual, and as expected, you can expect me to give a truly honest account of it all. I also submitted my assignments for my module one of the Memoir course. It was longer than I expected! Long time no student, hey UCT?! Wink wink, nudge nudge. (Ahh, I’ll need to work on my exclusion from UCT story.)

Lastly it was also Cayden’s first week and a half of his new school. He loves it! I see a different child in him, and I’m so glad we moved schools. He auditioned for the school choir and got in! And he’s playing recorder. He also wants to play chess for the school. His dad and whoever gets sucked into playing with him, will be pleased to know that he’ll be in a team and have children his own age to challenge.

I’ve been trying to adjust doing to early morning lunch-packing, breakfast and packing all 3 babies to school thing- and fetching from school-a-while-later parade. Oh and try to dishes and washing and ironing. Emphasis on ‘try’.

My lithium level is low, 0.5 (supposed to be around 0.8) and  so I need to make sure I take my pills… I was naughty over the festive season- I didn’t take my pills when I consumed a lot of alcohol. Come on, the festive season comes but once a year!

Anyway, so I’m suffering with the backlash… But that’s for another post.

@yvette_hess (new twitter handle)

Updated Facebook Page 

All 5 of us

All 5 of us

The Hess Owls

The Hess Owls


My paint project for the baby boys’ rooms. I’m halfway done with their room. Then I have to do the big boys’ room: CROCODILES!

Have a great day!


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