Now that hubby is back to work- I’m a dirty, blabbering, single mom

My blog post on being a stay at home home. Telling it like it is!!!!

Yve's Corner

Pffff! Hubby returned to work on Monday, which means my so-called leave ended too. I’m back to 24/7- mommy-i-want-bikkit-dirty-nappies-galore and such. I am not complaining out loud, I am merely directing my frustration to a wider audience. I saw a status update on Facebook by a high school friend voicing her frustrations. A bunch of her girlfriends, including myself chimed in and soon it sounded like a mad mob of hormonal women seeking help (in the form of counselling or other). I noted too that if we all ‘had‘ to add “I love my kids but…..” before the slaying. Or, “…[insert badmouthing here]….but I adore my children

Imagine we didn’t add that window dressing, we’d be considered bad, ungrateful mothers. Ungrateful for being able to carry a beautiful child for 9months that is. I think we all know we love our kids, but we hate…

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One thought on “Now that hubby is back to work- I’m a dirty, blabbering, single mom

  1. dyane says:

    What a bold, honest account! I love your writing style, and I was hanging on to every word. You captured all the gritty details that go into being a stay-at-home mom and then some! Thank you for putting the truth of motherhood out there for all to read, and for not sugarcoating it with window dressing. Fantastic post! (I tweeted it & shared it on Facebook too.)


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