I’m fat because…

I decided to take time out to write this post mainly because I’ve posted many pics on FB recently and those who haven’t seen me in a while are shocked to see that I’ve gained so much weight. Okay, I was also shocked to see how big I’ve ‘grown’. Most of you will know when you start gaining weight and the clothes feel tighter and tighter around the waist, it’s still bearable. Worrying, but bearable. But once you start having to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe because nothing fits, it’s not longer funny, nor can you bear the looks you get and comments you receive about your pregnancy glow when you’re not really pregnant. (That’s really not flattering at all).

Those who know me, know that I love to stand out in the crowd, i love loud colours, eye catching jewellry and my afro is done in funky style or I have a flower to catch you attention. So, why would i still want to catch your attention when I’m this big? Surely my sheer presence is big enough to do that? Like I told my hubby yesterday, I’m still Yvette, I may be fat right now, but FAT is not my name. I’ll wear that leopard print pants, even if it’s XL. There’ll be more spots for your to choose from. I’ll wear those bright technicolour tops, if I want to. I loving sharing my low neck line tops with the world because with an added bonus, fat increase the chest action. I do get pissed off sometimes when that size 16 skinny jean jeggings crap won’t fit, and sometimes after putting those sculpting pants on- who wouldn’t? But I appreciate that this body gave life, and it’s mine. I have strecthmarks for days, but those marks are witness to the magic of my little miracles.

So, I’m fat because I’m on Lithium and Seroquel (to treat Bipolar type 1), both known for the weight gaining effects. I’m not blaming my meds, but rather giving them credit where it’s due 😉 I do need to take steps to counter those effects, I realize that, and I will this year. I’m aware of it, thank you. Also, the lithium started tampering with my thyroid, so now I have a sluggish thyroid, which doesn’t help in the weight dept., either. I’m going to give banting a go this year, a serious attempt that is, so that I’ll feel more in control of my weight issues. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not going to make huge promises and goals, I’m going to take it as it comes (and goes).

So I’m fat because of medical reasons. but not solely because of that. I do feel great though. I’m at stage of my life where I’m comfortable with saying the f-word, for fat’s sake. I’m empowered because I won’t let a couple of extra kg’s get in the way of a really great life.

Cheers to size L, XL, XXL, etc.

Hello 2015, Hello size M!!!!


Mrs H

twitter: @yvette_adams

My other blog site: southafricanbipolarmom.wordpress.com

5 thoughts on “I’m fat because…

  1. dyane says:

    This was such a moving post for me to read – I admire your spirit so much!!! You are amazing!

    I too take lithium and Seroquel, + Parnate (an MAOI also known as a potential weight gainer) and while I’ve gained around 15-20 pounds, I am not obsessing about it as I have in the past. I must have my chocolate every day. And most importantly, I make a point of working out now for my mood first, and the rest of my body second. I never will aim to be a skeleton and I love being curvy!

    As you know, I’ve written a lot of about exercise for mood and about the amazing psychiatrist who (through his International Society for Bipolar Disorders webinar and blog post) convinced me to work out to help with dealing well with bipolar in my last few blog posts.

    I wish you a wonderful year and while I’ve never heard about banting, I hope you’ll check out Dr. Alsuwaidan’s post when you can. It takes just a few minutes! 🙂 His webinar (especially the second half) is profound too. Here’s the link for the brief blog post:


    And the free webinar “Exercise Treatment for Mood Disorders: A Neurobiological Rationale”


    take good care, Yve, and I wish you the best and Ibelieve in you! sorry I was off the radar the past 2 weeks, but I went on a trip and didn’t check Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress until this weekend!

    much love, Dyane


    • Yve's Corner says:

      Ah! I found a few moments to reply. Thank so much for your support Dyane- I’m so so so thankful. I feel words could never be able to describe the feeling of realizing I’m not alone, and even moreso, my voice is heard and enjoyed by someone like you: a genuine, and inspirational lady to many of us. So thank u!

      I gained most of my weight during the pregnancy and it kind of stuck. But it hasn’t been that baby fat kind of weight, it’s that, under your chin, around your waist. I’m sure if I had to check, I would discover some behind my knees! The weight was obviously due to me being on my meds long term, for the first time. It’s amaing the side effects that come with Lithium – strictly speaking long term. I’m never been so ‘ill’ and so healthy in my health.
      I remember how great I felt years back when I worked out. I looked good. But I felt guilty for taking time out to exercise. as if I should have done something more productive with that hour. Something like develop a solution to world hunger. Mind you, we probably could in mania stage 😉 My psychiatrist has been quite gentle regarding my weight- I think she’s afraid to hurt my feelings. My obgyn and dermatologist, not so gentle. Bleh.

      Banting is a just a high fat, low carb diet/ lifestyle. It’s very popular in South Africa at the moment, what it’ll do to my mood, I don’t know. It’s an old diet that has been modified by Prof Tim Noakes (UCT). The recipes looks delish!! 🙂 But, I’ll be sure to check out the links, thank you very much!

      Have a wonderful day/night further.
      I know that 2015 is going to knock your socks off DY! Be ready for blessings galore your side 🙂

      love and hugs,

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  2. kbailey374 says:

    You have a great way w/ words!
    I related to the “comments you receive about your pregnancy glow when you’re not really pregnant. (That’s really not flattering at all).” A young girl maybe 8? wanted to know when my baby was due. She asked me in front of her mother so I had to be nice in my reply lol…

    and re the meds, giving credit where credit is due, I like that.

    Mine is part meds, part depression, part laziness, part just the desire for something pleasurable, hence, I eat!


    Thank you for your post!

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  3. Princess Marksalot says:

    take it from ME, it’s all in the carrots! God help you! Consider trying a ‘lil yoga – it’s a known secret that getting enough sleep & fighting stress with exercise will fight the lbs off too! Glad to find you here, Xx

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