[New Poem]: Freedom between my thighs

The Freedom between my thighs
Consoles his fears
Of being a smaller man,
A lesser man
By consuming me.

Fists aim for the sky
But land on either eye-
I’m blinded my promises,
Once again Left
My insides hate me for allowing
His bitter tongue to taste me.

So I wait for the lashings daily
Pregnant with the truth
Pregnant with his fruit
Ignorant to the fact that I can escape:
And live life full,
Not bruised,
Not used.
Not only seeing black and blue
In the rainbow.

What rainbow?
What chivalry?
What loyalty?
What honesty?

My soul weeps, shrivelled next to yours
Cut deep because of words
Swords of neglect
Cursings I’d like to forget
You rip me to pieces with that look-
That look that says
I disgust you
That I remind you
Of your father who killed your mother
He stabbed her.
He killed her.
He kicked her.
He fed her and she was grateful.

You were born of this,
Borne with arms high,
Borne fighting.
You were born crying.

This child of ours, will be born
Also fighting,
Cursed: He born there, dying.

5 thoughts on “[New Poem]: Freedom between my thighs

  1. cavellemartin says:

    This definitely strikes a nerve for me. having been in an abusive relationship, it’s so hard to see the way out. People wonder “why don’t you just leave?” if it were that easy we would all drop the things in our life that are toxic. I think you really captured the pain and despair one goes through in this situation and also the love and resentment you can have for someone at the same time.


    • Yve's Corner says:

      Hi there, thanks for taking time to comment. I’m glad you connect to the themes of the poem, it was my intention to grab onto every way someone could relate to abuse either as a bystander or someone in the situation. I have not experienced physical abuse, but i have seen it. And its ugly. I’m happy that you’re strong enough to speak about it.

      Liked by 1 person

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