Depression, the Good Teacher?

My thoughts on depression on my second blog. Agree? #depression #mentalillness

Yve's Corner

Many of us have suffered from depression, but too many have not spoken up about it. Either because we fear what others would say, or worse, in our attempt to voice our state: it’s too late. The illness, and that’s exactly what is, took our breath away.

There are varying degrees to the extent to which this monster can take over your life, more so it becomes part of your. One would think it becomes your life, but how can it, is it not death?

I’ve attempted suicide more than once, all attempts failed obviously. It would be pretty messed up if I succeeded and you could still read this post.

While I know of any many who did not survive their attempts – these which include pupils in school, to people from church and of course the likes of Robin Williams. Of course you knew I’d mention him, it’s…

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