Great News: I’m coming out!

I’m coming out the bipolar closet! Ah, what a sigh of relief. I could burst with excitement!!!!!

My hubby and I had a conversation about disclosing a few days ago. He knows I’m an extremely passionate person, and I really do enjoy helping people. In addition to that, by revealing who I am, people will be able to connect the illness to some of my past behaviour but also realize that the person I am is not defined by the illness. I know of many people who can’t imagine me being bipolar, because “I had it together”, but if they knew the truth, maybe they’d had have less ignorant ideas of the people who bear this cross.

As mentioned before I’m writing my memoir, and this has really motivated me to write more, and try to remember the foggiest of times.

I feel like I’m going to get me life back. The best version of my life, this time around, I’ll get to remember. 🙂

I’ll be merging my two blogs as not to lose anyone. Ah, please wordpress, don’t let me down!

Looking forward to catching up with everyone on the new blog!

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