Bragging rights: My eldest son who’s 7 years old

Ah ha! My son Cayden has delivered excellent school results this year. I’m bragging because:

1. I can.

2. Cayden is an extremely intelligent boy, albeit that all moms believe that about their children.

For his Grade 1 national assessments (known as ANA’s) here in South Africa, he achieved 95% for English and 100% for Mathematics. And to top it off, at his school awards ceremony last night, he achieved EXCELLENT achievement in all learning areas. I’m proud of him, not only for his results, but how far he’s come as a young boy. Many people who have met him or me know that Cayden is extremely energetic and is uhm, strong-willed. I know that’s my fault because I taught him from a young age, to question everything, and to understand why things work the way they do. This does result however, in difficult parenting moments, to say the least. Due to this fact, this year we’ve had several incidents at school where we had to be called in or other dramas occurred where both hubby and I felt helpless. I have mentioned before that it was indeed a difficult year with me being ill, and the premature birth of Cayden’s youngest brother. The previous year his younger brother, Alexander was born and the year before that I got married to Cayden’s step dad. So there were numerous, huge changes in his life, and I’m certain all of the above played a role in his worsening behaviour. After the birth of the youngest, I decided to focus on the family, on bringing us all together by being a stay-at-home mom.

And so far, it looks like it’s paid off.

On World Book Day we teamed my creative skills with dad’s engineering  skills and Cayden won. He won with an amazing Harry Potter costume. It was important to us that Cayden felt that he mattered. Yes, he thinks the world revolves around him, but it did. When I was a single mom, he was my world- so I can forgive him for demanding attention at every opportunity that presents itself.

Another thing I’d like to mention about Cayden, is that he has a sense of maturity beyond his years when it comes to reasoning, as well as interacting with others. I’ll give you two examples:

a) He went to a birthday party not too long ago. Cayden arrived at the restaurant and found the birthday girl. We lagged behind trying to manage the little ones with us. I looked at him and he handed his gift over to her and said, “Happy Birthday Lindie*.Here is your gift,” She took the gift and smiled and muttered thank you (as little ones do). As she leaves to go to her table, he says, “You really look pretty today,” She blushes and runs off (as big girls do), I was impressed and worried that he’s going to charm the pants off many girls later in life!

b) After the awards ceremony last night, we walked to our car. One of Cayden’s classmate’s walked beside us with his mother. Cayden asked enthusiastically, “Hey Chad*, I can’t remember what you got a certificate for?” The boy answered, “for my reading. I’m a good reader.” He was half shy, but sure of himself. Cayden replied, “That’s great Chad, you deserve it!” Chad’s mother smiled, almost in disbelief.

I could go on and on, and I should, but I won’t.

I pray that this little guy continues to grow into the man I always dreamed he to be. A changemaker, a charismatic intellectual, a leader, a gentleman. He inspires me to be a better person, let alone a good mom.

All of the above in any field of course!

P.S I changed the children’s names of course.

Come on, talk to me- what did you think?

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