Poem: Love you Less

Dusting off old poems. This poem was written 31 October 2011.

Yve's Corner

My love,

Yes, indeed you are that to me-
a love that has more than just set my heart free.
What I don’t understand you see,
is that my heart is not completely
or- carefree.

If more than ever I have grown to love like this
a man who seemed to have crept into me with that first delayed kiss.
The man who pushed me to fight, fight and fight with a clenched fist-
Fighting for a love I have grown to miss
and miss.

And through days and months that pass
I grow to wonder whether it would last.
I told you why wonder, wonder- there is no mask
that hides my worry and fear for this turbulence to pass.
Just pass.

Now hear me out before u dare say
That I let this love float away.
You are still here, and yet I feel you the one…

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