A sense of Pride on World Book Day

Yesterday Cayden’s (my eldest son, 7 years old) school celebrated World Book day. Not that we’re not “book people”, but we really struggled to think of memorable and also “do-able” costume characters to make. And since I’m now a stay at home mom, which translates to you-do-everything-now-and have-no-excuses, so the costume had to be good. Dozens of comic stars came to mind, but of course those were banned. Included in the banned group were TV characters-now-book characters. And oh, no renting costumes. We were urged to be creative. That really narrowed it down for us. I thought of the Tin man in Wizard of Oz; it would be easy to do, boxes, foil, silver paint. Cayden wanted to hear nothing of the sort. That mainly because he didn’t know who Tin man was. Indeed I felt super guilty. Next on my list was Wally, from Where’s Wally. Also a super easy costume to make: Paint red stripes on a T-shirt, a walking stick, wool hat, glasses. Boom. And, Cayden asked, “do you have anything in mind I’d be interested in?”. Right-oh.

Darryl (Husband of almost 2 years) naturally tried to push any of the ideas I wanted because I’d be doing most of the work anyway. That and as a man, anything that is cost effective and requires the least work would do. Creativity could go fly a kite.

Cayden insisted that one character would work, and that was Harry Potter. How boring! Last year I woke up at 4am to finish a Sponge Bob-box costume which I thought was way more dramatic and awesome that boring old Harry.

We were driving at the time that Cayden mentioned his preferred choice. I quickly tried to think of what I had that could make the costume work. I had a black winter coat. That was it. “I’d need to buy a wig Cayden. And do other stuff like make glasses for you.” “Great!” He exclaimed. “But I’m not going to do it, I refuse.” Saddened by my refusal, he asked why. I forgot what I told him but by that time I’d already worked out what I was going to paint, the colours and where to buy the wig.

Cayden had an old white clip on tie- I painted the tie red and yellow as well as googling some images of the emblem Harry has on the cloak he wears. I simplified it ad painted it on gold paper (old paper from our wedding day). Darryl helped cut out the glsses I painted on the cardboard I ripped from last year’s SpongeBob. Lastly the wig I bought at a Party& Decor shop (King Cake). They only had long haired wigs so the night before I had to cut to look like Harry’s hair cut.

On the morning of Book day, Cayden put on his great school pants, white shirt and all the other goodies. He was beaming and couldn’t wait to say goodbye to head to school!

By 1pm I’d received an email from his teacher to say that Cayden was selected as one of the top 3 for best dressed. I was soooo happy. I was indeed also happy for him.

When I saw Cayden after school, the first words he shouted were, ‘ thank you, thank you, thank you!’ Those words and his smile made me so happy.

Ah! It’s good to be at home.

Come on, talk to me- what did you think?

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