What goes up, must come down

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say that I’m feeling down. I feel good. But a bad kind of good.

Last week I felt like a fabulous rock-star-hot-mamma diva of note! This week I feel like, ‘eh’. But, I know why.

Hubby and I had a bit much to drink this weekend, and by hubby, I mean me, I had a bit much to drink. I hadn’t had a sip of alcohol and real coffee in 2 weeks and suddenly, on Friday I downed 2 mugs of the good stuff and had wine and beer (light beer) on Saturday. Ok, on Saturday and Sunday. I missed the stuff okay. At the same time I missed the buzz I got from them. What I didn’t miss was the crash. I had a hangover (who does that at this day and age) and a mood.

Most people just have the hangover. Mood had dipped a little, but that little was just enough to totally throw me off my routine for the week.

Instead of having energy to do everything in the small gaps I usually get when th little boys are napping, I had yawns. And I felt a cloud lay low over my head. They cloud was a blue-grey, luckily not a big black scribble. Those are reserved for the morning after Manic Mondays. I’d pop a seroquel as my morning-after pill! πŸ˜‰

I still feel great despite feeling crappy. For the first time in YEARS I feel like I know what went wrong and why. I know how to fix it. I feel in control. I feel empowered. And that’s pretty awesome for a sufferer since childhood. (I’m planning to write a memoir to document it all btw!)

When I’m well, I can maintain routine pretty well. I don’t ONLY depend on my natural rhythms of a mom. But when I’m unwell, I kick into bare survival mode and do what I can, when I can and sleep during any time in between that.

What do YOU depend to keep you stable? A schedule, or your rhythms? Can/ should we depend on our rhythms when we’re mentally ill? Have there been instances when either a schedule or your mood failed you?

I invite you to blog on the topic “Rhythms vs Routine”

Let me know πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “What goes up, must come down

  1. dyane says:

    Great post!!!! I’m SO glad you figured out what has gone wrong – that’ s amazing and it’s wonderful you now feel empowered.

    I depend on my meds, exercise, psychiatrist, counselor and my family to keep me stable. I’d write more to answer the other (excellent) questions, but I’ve been totally overwhelmed lately. Our household has had lots of sickness over the past month. I decided to cut back on commenting on blogs (although I try to still “like” anything I read!!!) and I’m cutting back writing my own blog. 😦 I wish I didn’t have to do any of that, but I have to focus on completing the book I’m writing or else it will never happen.

    Take care and I’m happy for you!!!

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    • Yve's Corner says:

      Hi Dyane,

      Thank you again for the insightful feedback. I’m struggling a little to gain traction with this blog, and I find myself torn between wanting to write about certain things (big or small) but at the same time I’m scared if I write about it here what the hell am I going to put in my memoir?! lol. I should be as smart as you and sit and type my book too. You’re so right to focus, and write, prioritise that book. ONLY YOU can write it. And on top of it, you can only write in the time YOU have, no one else’s time. Oh my word, I should just read my own advice and follow it!

      Take care and when you can (only if you can) please advise a little on how I can speed up my blog followers a bit. I feel lonely in that I can’t engage with anyone. SAD FACE.


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      • dyane says:

        You are such a sweetie! Yes, follow your own advice! And remember you can use what you write in your blog and tailor it for your memoir! You’ll read from other writers *not* to do that, but I disagree. A lot of writers do utilize their blog material for their memoirs – the trick is to weave the blog content in well with the rest of your memoir, & tweak it…don’t just plunk the content in! πŸ™‚ As far as speeding up the followers I’ve been told to visit other blogs and comment & “like” there as much as possible, and also follow them – many of those bloggers will return the favor by following your blog. For me it took 6 months of posting consistently before I really started to notice more followers.. Using social media (Facebook and Twitter etc) helps too in terms of networking). I wish I could give you more to go on….I’d be interested to see what WordPress advises! Maybe you could do a search on their site to see? Let me know if you find out anything juicy! πŸ™‚ And hang in there….I only have a handful (yes! less than 10 followers) of people who truly read my posts – I’m not kidding. I blog for them and that’s enough for now! I also think the WordPress statistics are not accurate. I supposedly have 360 followers but I know for a fact that a lot of them no longer follow my blog & unfollowed it, yet that number didn’t change. I hope this helps you – I’m out of it today. 😦 Sending you hugs and strength and of course, love!!! XOXOXOXO


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