[Quick one]: My house isn’t dirty, my kids are awake

I was going to post the title as a status update, but it sparked a short bloggie to me.

I have 3 kids, 2 of whom are home while the eldest goes to school. The one is 1 month old the other 1 year. Look it’s enough to drive anyone semi-sane, insane and anyone insane, popping pills seems like the only option to manage it all. And I don’t mean popping vitamins.

I just vacumed the house (only the parts visitors would/should see) and the 1 year old decided rusks (biscuits) would be a great snack to eat in the middle of my cleaning spree. Oh and by spree, I merely mean just keep the place tidy. Is it just me or does the ‘nesting’ feeling continue straight after pregnancy? I want to clean clean clean. Argh. But there’s just no time! I start the day with Morning bottles. 1 for the 1 month old and then make another bottle for the porridge for the 1 year old. They both get up the same time so I usually prepare food fo whoever is crying the loudest. I can’t bear crying. It’s like my kryptonite (or however way you spell it; I don’t have time to google spelling, I need to prep a bottle in 5mins).

My day runs from feeding one to cleaning another’s nappy, all day. I don’t get to sit because my nagging housewife self won’t let me rest.

So if you see my house is a mess,I swear I did something to make it look better. I really did. Some beings just suddenly took over my place and took all my time and my life.

Forgive my PJ’s and yes, I cleaned the toilet.
You may sit there.

5 minutes are up.

Mrs H

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