[New Post]: Blog quickies


I usually find myself pressurized to write lengthy blog posts because a) I thought that’s what’s supposed to happen and b) I usually write long blog posts.

Because I really want to write a few things to get off my chest and I really don’t have that much time to rock out 5000 word thesis, I thought I’d opt to splatter quickies whenever I have a breather to do so.

There’s just so much to tell. This year has been so rough, any Psychologist would make a lot of cash off me right now!

*Get the popcorn*

Mrs H

2 thoughts on “[New Post]: Blog quickies

  1. Mandy Lee says:

    I keep trying to do short posts & can never get them right 😦 It means I post so much less than I want to. Well done you! You have inspired me to try it again xxx


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