[Mommy Post]: German Measles

My day today: was supposed to start off with a Pampers casting for Alexander, but instead I opted not to send him due to the ‘ezcema’ I noticed over the top half of his body.

But that’s not how it ended.

We’ve had the eczema issue before when he was little and couldn’t understand why it was returning and so fiercely. After I sent some pics to my mum she immediately said we should go to the Dr as it could be German measles and because I’m not immune, I too could be at risk (as I’m pregnant). So off I went, and our Dr asked me, ‘where’s your husband? We need to get you away from the baby.’ Most moms would panic, but I think I’m used to drama and said something to the effect of, ‘ag not more stuff to deal with’.

He called my gynie up and they both agreed AJ needed to go for blood tests asap to confirm. And then we’d deal with me and any dangers posed. The nurses at the Dr’s office were too scared to find a vein on AJ’s arm, so I had to go all the way to Constantiaberg to the Pathcare lab…
It was a still a struggle to find veins in his chubby arms. A real struggle. They had to poke both arms. He was crying as 2 nurses tried their best to keep him distracted and happy.
After many tears and blood, 2 plasters and 4 lollipops later, they got some blood.

We’re praying to get the results late today or tomorrow. More importantly we ae praying that they are clear and it is just ugly eczema.

Truth be told, I’m exhausted- being a parent is physically, emotionally and mentally draining. It takes all of you to be a parent, not even a good parent, just a parent. I’m unaffected by such surprises like German Measles, not because I’m insensitive but for a multitude of other reasons. Like one, your child, especially this little boy of mine needs me to be strong for him, he’s about to get pricked and I need to make sure he doesn’t notice a thing. I should get him so distracted, he should be happy to get pricked. Secondly, I need to have the energy and be of sound mind to actually keep up with the medical info being thrown at me. I need to be at peace while everything else may be spinning around me.

You need to be functioning like you’re on top of the world, when you feel like you’re the ground they actually to stand on; sometimes getting sand in your eye; sometimes getting grass in your teeth.

Just needed to get that out there.

Mrs H

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