“Freedom” waved “Hi” to us today!

Today myself and hubby had the day to ourselves. My mother in law graciously offered to take both children for the day.

“Ahhhhhh, freedom,” you’d expect us to scream, and understandably so. My husband has a very demanding job and he works late/ is on standby every night and works most weekends. I’m 29 weeks pregnant, with a baby boy who is bigger than average. I noticed for the past week or so I’d been feeling particularly drained, experiencing dizzy spells, irritability, heart palpitations and a rapid pulse even whilst resting. One of my Doctors did some testing and turns out, little (big) me is anemic and thyroid is also low…. Mmmm that explained a lot. So when I get to pop my iron pills on Monday, I should be all good soon. Anyway, with all that, and having to look after an 11month old, clean, cook and help a 7 year old with homework- everything gets a bit (a lot) much for us as parents. By Friday, we’re totally pooped and in need of some free time.

Freedom= We didn’t have children today.

It was a scorcher in Cape Town today. Families were at the beaches and picnicking at the various picnic spots along the coast.

What do you think we got up to?

We did washing, went shopping for a cot, and baby food. And then we went home to sleep.

I initially imagined us cuddling somewhere on the beach or enjoying some non-alcoholic beverages, smiling in the sun. But no, we slept.

And it felt so so good! Sleep deprived parents need sleep, not necessarily fun activities. I don’t even feel bad about it. It feels strange enjoying sleep so much though. But I do not feel bad about sleeping when others are frolicking and tanning in the sun.

I crave naptime- even though it takes me forever to fall asleep, but once I get there: oh!

I hope that this is just a phase we’re going through, as parents. Maybe one day we’ll take a nap and make it in time for a party or braai (barbeque) and bonus, be back in time for bedtime routines. Ha! Imagine that! Super parents, rested and get up to cool stuff for the kids. With the third baby on the way, I think that’s just a pipe dream. Maybe in the next two years, it could come true.

For now, I’ll be sleep deprived, hating it, but carrying hope in the bags under my eyes that one day we’ll sleep blissfully and be well rested.

For now I’ll complain about being tired and being fat.

I know many, many of my friends are experiencing the same lack of sleep syndrome right now. No one, I repeat, no one will ever really understand how this could ‘mess you up’ until they go through the same thing.

You, friend, have the right to complain, you have the right to want to prefer sleep over friends, you have the right to call 9pm YOUR bedtime too.

Let’s call it a night.

#Goodnight and #Godbless

Mrs H

One thought on ““Freedom” waved “Hi” to us today!

  1. ashleighdavids says:

    I’m not a mommy YET, not even a girlfriend or wife, but I have so much respect for you Yves, just the other day you were a career woman with a bouncing boy – and now, you’ve got a larger family! How quickly life changes! I better do what I can with what I have right now, even if that is very little… plus… SLEEP! I enjoyed this, thanks.


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