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Yve's Corner

“What are you?”

What a question to be asked (on more than one occasion) growing up in the Free State and Gauteng. It was kind of obvious that the person was referring to my race (not my gender 😉 ) as I did not fit into the ‘box’ of what a so-called coloured should look like and how they should behave. I must blame this ‘adaptation’ to my upbringing. My family was moved to the Free State in 1993 (scary times), and subsequently life became about adapting, not necessarily growing in the roots I had from being born in Cape Town.

To the new crowd (Free State), I spoke funny. Constant ‘”jy’s and djou’s” would echo as I walk the corridors. I felt different, but not on purpose, not in a good way, not like Lady Gaga. So, as a 7 year old, I made a choice. To change the…

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