[New Post]: When to write?

I have this nasty habit of feeling inspired at odd hours of the day, when I don’t necessarily have a chance to quickly scribble down my thoughts.

Inspiration could be triggered by a lost little ladybug crawling innocently on my laptop, or the fumes of irritation with someone you know. In the midst of piles and piles of client work, where does one get a breather to publish a blog post? I guess that’s been my biggest issue lately- I don’t have the time to scribble. While I lay in bed, struggling to sleep, I often experience jolts of my brilliant thoughts I had during the day, but totally cannot recall the full idea of what I wanted to write about, or where the post was going… So frustrating.

Am I not inspired enough?
Why cannot I remember things as clearly as I should?
Is writing worth pursuing?
What is the meaning of life?

(The last question was a joke).

Racing thoughts here and there may turn into a blog post, and risking the chance of losing readership, I cannot guarantee regular posts. I can, however guarantee that whatever I blog, poetry or prose- is true, heartfelt and honest.

Not for money.

(Which would also be nice btw)

Mrs Y

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