[New Poem]: Fallen Star

Dusting off old my old poems. One by one… Enjoy!

Yve's Corner

This star inside has name
But it is not mine.
The star inside me
Makes me feel free, elated and powerful and then suddenly, sad and bleak and deadly.

The star disappears and I all I have to hold is darkness, fears, sadness and worry.
So much worry.

Before my eyes – life crumbles, into nothing- promises broken, lies live on to try to breathe new life into
The hope that this star that hops along.

This star that controls every part of me-
Takes all of me- becomes all of me.
But still-
This star that is not me.

Who is this star if not me?
Who is this star that owns my smile as I cry all the while?

Who is this star that grips my hands tight, stopping me from living openly and with free will and no will to fight?

Maybe the fallen star has become…

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