In denial and being delusional about it

Just repeating myself. #woman #weightgain #denial #large
Being a young woman in a post pregnancy body….

Yve's Corner

Ah, I really thought I could convince myself that being ‘big’ after pregnancy would be okay. Boy, was I wrong. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Then again, this could be my mood talking. That’s a different topic though.

I went through a very rough pregnancy as mentioned in my previous blogs posts, even post pregnancy posted many a challenge, including me having spinal fluid leakage – which was further worsened by 2 failed blood patches and baby getting severe eczema. So, being ‘larger than life’, in my personal opinion put a damper on everything. Yeah I joked about being fat, but it wasn’t funny. It still isn’t funny.

I was advised to be more relaxed about losing weight (after I spent quite a bit of money on Herbalife), give myself 3 months or so and then tackle it more aggressively. Yeah that’s great, but what do I do…

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