[New Poem]: Love Hate

Love was nothing more than a shadow, an empty space- pain lay there splattered on the floor. Opened eyes reveal death, sadness and lies- they leave, smiling, as they exit by the door.

I’ll kill you twice and love you less- bite my lip as you say your goodbyes. I want to cause you pain- see you fall to your knees because Jesus deserted you, wiped His hands clean.

You hurt me deep- bled buckets just for you- and you- and you- all the versions of truth and bled buckets of hope for us- especially you.

And what did it mean?
Not much as such.

As we ebb between hate and mistrust, the middle ground remains- sludge and dirty love- all in hope of better circumstance.

A perfect fucking love stays true, all God gave was shitty circumstance.

Come on, talk to me- what did you think?

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