[Re-posted Poem]: To my sweet responsibility

Dedicated to my son, Cayden Lyle Adams

You took my youth from me-
And it shames me to say.

You took my fast nights and those super cool drinks away.

You took my care free days and oh so sexy ways and it’s-

But, You took my life as I knew It to be.
And brought me the essence of what it ought to be.
Oh, what a responsibility.

To live this life of guilt
Is not fair.
I question my God’s reasoning under this hair.

For you to not see me around
Is really not fair.

But my baby boy-

My love for you lives in the pages of that heavy book.
My love for you is evident in that it will leave my perseverance unshook.

You gave me this drive-
To do more than just survive.

Without you, my sweet responsibility-
I am not alive.

Come on, talk to me- what did you think?

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