[For interest Sake]: Urban Edge is: in-your-face

Hi there, readers!

🙂 In and amongst the other gazillian things I do, I write, on a freelance basis for an online and print magazine called: URBAN EDGE MAGAZINE. The printed copies are available at various distribution spots in Cape Town and in Stellenbosch! Readership now reaches 5000. So, for those interested in advertising in it- it would be worth your while.

The mag is young, fun, and as the title hints- in-you-face. It’s packed with news and tit-bits about the local Cape Town scene- promoting Cape Town’s wealth of EVERYTHING AWESOME!

Anyhoo, I was asked to cover the annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival and here is the piece I wrote:


*Page 2*

Please, check out the other issues- the writers and photographers are talented in so many different ways.

Follow them on twitter: @Urban_Edge_Mag

P.S and for those of you itching to write, they love taking on people who are willing to contribute:)

Thanks for the stalking,

Miss Y

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