[New Poem]: One to remember, one for fun

You took me by surprise,
In a way that my heart could not disguise.
I gave you a piece of me-
I gave truth, bits of love,
And no lies.

Why would this be is what I ask,
When I knew the bitter truths
The truths of you
And me
And the us that could never last.

Why did I make the move
Why did I taste you still
Why did I let you win
Why did I give in
To the short bit of heaven-
One of pure sin?

For fun?
For this I could not ask
Because all it brought was questions,
sweats and guilt in the dark.
I’m no better than him, my father or any other
I took from them too, a father-
And brought back old pain my mother bled, hour after hour.

This dark fun we had
Kept me smiling and glowing
Crying and yearning
Not understanding why
In those moments-I enjoyed every second
of our conversing.

Again, I cheat on me
As the best of me
Gave in to the worst of you and the worst of me-
Making pure magic
Seeking pleasure in where it cannot be.

Come on, talk to me- what did you think?

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