[New Poem]: I am the Hood

There’s no edge,
No cliff from where I can leap
Because I am free
You, my brother, took that jump for me.

Ancient history
Tells no lies- we are the future
My Hood, you cannot die.
You cannot die,
The San, the Khoi lay there,
Bleeding from their eyes.

They fought, they lived,
They ruled,
They led you, poor fool!
Your heritage yearns for more-
More than the ignorance of
Dying for your hood.

I’m the hood,
I’m the hood-rotten with worry
and pained of old laws passed.
I’m the hood- empowered with new life
With new life lived!
With eyes bright, brown
And forgotten hurt.
The Khoi, the San
The forefathers-
A catharsis will us not part.

Come on, talk to me- what did you think?

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