[Poem]: My heart, ached

My heart, ached- by Yvette Adams
Another heartache you are to me
More than blood you drew from me
If only you believed in every word I meant
If only you stayed true to every word you said
You’d realize that –
That smile of your eyes
Cleared my dark skies.
That every minute of the past
Died slowly, because of pain that you so sweetly
Don’t think of this as
Time spent on you
Or lines splurged on the hopes of you
Here I express great regret.
I express my pain that I never wish upon you
Or me again.
A pain that kills hope
A pain that killed hope
A pain that was hope.
A hope that became this pain.
I never accept second best-
God would never put me through that test.
He’d never let me find the One,
the One that would put all my fears to rest-
And take him away-
And to this you were supposed to attest.
Just say your goodbyes and move on
This heart aches because
Your soul played (with) mine
For fun.

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