[Review- Beauty]: Miss Sillanious

I’m not a lady. Wait, that came out wrong (I am in fact, lady). I’m not your typical lady.

I don’t the ‘shoe’ thing or the ‘beauty regime’ thing.

I don’t do the ’tissues-in-the-bag’ thing.

I don’t do the ‘over-indulge-in-chocolate’ thing.

I also don’t do the ‘nail’ thing. Well, not maintaining all that stuff, like going for “mani’s” and “pedi’s”.

Apparently all these are strikes against my name in the world of women. Oh well. I moved on from that.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to be treated, as a Christmas present, by my significant other, to a manicure and pedicure at Miss Sillanious, a beauty parlour.


Why Yvette? Why blog about it? Well, duh, because it was that great of a service that I had to SHARE pure awesomeness!

Miss Sillanious is located in Cape Town, okay- already, the ‘cool‘ factor is sorted. Another plus, is that it is located on Long Street. Whoop, Whoop! Besides those two cool factors- the owner, Suzanne de Wet is the brand that is Miss Sillanious. Cool, edgy and damn good at what she does.

I was lead to 210 on Long and a hot chick with long red braids lead me to the small, purple room where all the equipment was neatly set up. And when I say purple, I mean, PURPLE. It’s her favourite colour and it’s everywhere. It’s quite cool actually- well, I’m just biased because I love purple too.

If you like different, she can make it happen!

Naturally we chatted, which was easy to do. We spoke about the upcoming Metal4Africa fest (yes, this a while back) and just kept a good conversation going. I found that most spa’s have fake convo one needs to deal with- quite irritating, actually.

When she did my hands and feet, Suzanne had some music in the background- and NOT dolphins, the sound of breaching whales or ocean or harps etc- real music, like Cold Play and a whole lot of other cool stuff. Wasn’t heavy metal or anything, but just not that typical beauty spa music that sends you off to sleep.

After an hour or so we were all done. Sadly, I was enjoying it so much! I should have taken pics, but didn’t. That- awkward- moment- when you don’t have your camera around when you need it…

Must say, I was left feeling rejuvenated: I rocked because my nails look great and they were purple. ((BOOM)).  Sipping on a cold one (at Long street Cafe) straight afterward with felt so much better with great looking toes and hands!

Prices? Pfff- Students will have a ball of a time here. Miss Sillanious is affordable. 30mins of Filing and re-varnishing costs you R50; a manicure R110.

Parking? It’s Long Street, there will be parking- even if it’s a little distance away. UCT Students- You know the drill, take a shuttle to Hddingh and walk down the street to 210 Long street. Eezy Peezy.

Pleasure factor? Hell Yes, you’ll be satisfied. (Sorry, could’t think of another appropriate word that started with a ‘P’)

Check out her FB page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/miss.sillanious

She is an awesome make-up artist too. She does basic make-up AND special effects. That should make for interesting times, yes? 😉

Love it!

Bottom line: This chick is great at what she does, she is real and promises no frills when it comes to price or quality.


Bonus: She is different.

I like different.


Check her out- 0820492585 or mail her- suzanne_de_wet@yahoo.com.



I’m out!

Miss Y

Chase me: @yvette_adams


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