[Poem]: Say no more

Your words carry pain
In pockets of guilt.
Your smile turns joy
Into patches,
Patches which make up this faux comfort:
It’s pieces of my spirit, bent-
My bitter sorrow- for rent.

This love has reached
Its end and no more
Should you say
I’m whom you adore.
Say no more how
It’s me who makes your reality better than cheesy folklore:
Music and culture and
Just better than folklore.

You know it’s the end when
You’re tired.
Too tired to feel,
Too tired to act on
Too tired to pretend that enough is
It’s enough when you say:
“Our love is no more”.

You know what-
You are no more.
I am no more than-

Just say we had something-
Please, my dear Everything.
This love was supposed to be!
It was supposed to be a bit of anything I needed to believe in something, This thing!

Say no more.
My love for us was merely just a flickering
Of kindling.
No more than glimpses
Of blinding light-
Barely warm enough to warm my heartstrings or bring forth new meaning to-

Don’t say anything.
Kiss me
Move me,
And imagine us, hoping, dreaming
Admiring the art of lying.
So say no more to, truth-
Lies keep us intertwined in believing, living and
Suffering in the lies of loving-
Loving the end of it all.

Come on, talk to me- what did you think?

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