[Inserting exciting title here]- Here’s what to expect from me in January

I have a few aces up my sleeve this month!

My spotlights this month include Emile Jansen (Hip Hop legend and activist of note!), Buddha-Philippine Kunene (Mlungisi) (UCT student and Hip Hop artist heading for the top), Wayne Mckay (Versatile Capetonian Stand-up comedian) and some promotional news on Roy Morrison’s (UCT) social entrepreneurship venture. Included in some other surprises is an upcoming review- another beauty experience. <— Cannot wait!

Supporting local businesses and talent! *Phwew* Busy Busy!

Luckily I know some really cool people. Actually, I have been ‘lucky’ enough to meet extraordinary people doing extraordinary things! Hopefully, as time moves on, I’ll get to publish some more stories about women- hint hint.

Also, I’ll be publishing some more of my poetry- online. And errrm, I will be performing some of my poetry too- on radio. (EEK: Nervous!) Why do I get myself into such situations?

Not sure if some of you know BUT, I am a blogger for http://www.all4women.co.za too, you can catch me at the following url: http://all4women.co.za/blogs/yves-corner/index.1.html . Feel free to browse often, and subscribe. I welcome comments too.

Soon I will be writing up some stuff for L’Agence TKN Model and talent Agency based in Cape Town. I will let you all know about that too. EXCITING!

mmm, what else? Oh: Life is grand!

Follow me on Twitter: @yvette_adams for updates on when I publish poetry and articles- oh and some of my random thoughts.

Stay full of good soul!

Miss Y

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