Poem: Stained Gloss

Love is more than a dream,

It’s this high gloss sheen,

Of dreams and beauty that beams.

Why is it though that ours is-



Remember happy times we shared?

In pictures,

Captured moments in glossy fixation.

But they were




Where is it now?

All I have is memories-

Those glossy images of

Pretty lies

Short-lived lies.

Wishing these stains were

Like the beauty in the stained glass.

From that one church where we sealed

Our Love

Every day.

There, light kisses the darkness away

And I can see the beauty in the


In that Truth.

One thought on “Poem: Stained Gloss

  1. Darrian says:

    The speaker in this poem is holding back. When s/he uses general terms like “love” or “tainted” the story is not being told but only hinted at. This speaker is not being vulnerable with the audience and as such, this poems true potential remains imprisoned in the dark underground chamber that is the poet’s heart. When the speaker opens the door, as only s/he can, this poem will reflect the emotions of that “stained love” and tell its story. Yve…dare to be vulnerable in your writing. Sonia Sanchez’s poetry can help.


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