Happy New Year- kinda sorta

I thought I would write a few words to wish people “Happy new year” and such. Then I changed my mind.

It’s not that I don’t wish people well, I mean that would be so rude of me, but rather I wish that people would take on the year 2012 with a different perspective than they had in this year. Yes, all of us, in the new year will be faced with challenges and heartache and loss. No year is different to any other year really. Of course we will have joys too, but let’s not forget the pain, life lessons learnt and necessary tragedies that also form part of who we become and how we grow.

2011 was a rough year for many. Some of us made it, others didn’t. But we were all blessed in some way of the other.

My most important lessons learnt in this year include (amongst other):

  • Life is tough, but just go with it.
  • Time management will get the better of you, watch your back.
  • Wash your back, take care of yourself.
  • Love yourself, not last, but first.
  • Learn to trust your centre- and feed it wholesomeness.
  • Your journey is your own, not anyone else’s.
  • Listen. No, really listen. Listen with an understanding, kind ear. You want the same anyway.
  • Everybody got problems. That’s it.
  • You not always right (painful).
  • You are not always wrong (Win!)
  • Passion is good. Hold onto that- it’ll get you up in the morning.
  • Don’t drink too much RedBull or Play.
  • Forgive.
  • Say thank you, and mean it, all the time.
  • Love!
  • Learn to be still (and ‘stil'<— translated to ‘quiet’ from Afrikaans)
  • Friends are very important. You chose them, didn’t you?
  • Family is important too. You didn’t choose them.
  • Get over revolutions- all kinds. Evolve!
  • Time doesn’t standstill, it doesn’t wait to be. It just is. So, keep moving, and just be. Don’t wait.
  • You are the best friend you could ever have.
  • Be genuine.

So yeah that’s my list. Lot of lessons, I know.

I don’t mind learning. I’m growing.

P.S Happy New Year (The social conformist in me speaking)

—->>> Miss Y


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