Spotlight TEASER: Roy Morrison’s Rise Africa Rise!

Rise Africa Rise-

A taste of what’s to come

Roy Morrison, is well- known comlab junkie, hard worker (and good looking) UCT graduate who has put his money and heart where his mouth is. To most of us, debate on the state of Africa remains just that, debate. We often find individuals keeping the growth within this continent at an intellectual level and not much gets done to solve the problems, or better yet, provide tangible solutions and opportunities for growth.

I know Roy as an individual who is beyond passionate about social issues and this is evident in the conversations we often have – randomly in the computer labs at UCT- and in his way of thinking. So, it didn’t surprise me at all when he told me about his social entrepreneurship venture called, “Rise Africa Rise” and how he started it. I was lucky enough to be chosen to get ‘hands-on’ on  the project so it adds to my excitement in seeing Roy’s dream for ‘self-sustainable’ Africa materialize.

Seeing to that I am such a tease, I just thought I would give you a “heads up” but the full interview is to follow, soon. Wink wink!


Photoshoot in Woodstock


Still in Woodstock


Be serious.

Miss Y

3 thoughts on “Spotlight TEASER: Roy Morrison’s Rise Africa Rise!

  1. Gary M. Layman says:

    Roy is a true champion! I have known Roy for over 7 years and each year he has only grown kinder, braver and more passionate. I will really enjoy watching him change the world because I believe, unlike me, he really has what it takes to make a difference. Go Roy!


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